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API - Lochs

Designed by Third Eye Games (View all designs by this artist)

The Lochs are very large, very powerful aquatic demons. In their home world, they were the cruel and oppressive rulers of other aquatic races, living indulgent, decadent lives on the backs of their followers. However, the wisest of these seemingly obedient races created a virus among the Lochs called the Contagion to push the ruling demons from their high pedestals. The Contagion was an epidemic, making it impossible for them to breed with each other. Many believed that their once-powerful race was now destined fade away.

They traveled to Earth seeking a cure or antidote for the Contagion and joining with Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. shed some light on their futureā€¦ while they could no longer breed with each other, the Contagion did not halt their breeding with humans (though the human mates rarely survive the process). API knows what befalls humans that mate with Lochs, but these are considered acceptable casualties in exchange for the powerful warriors they receive in the fight to defend Earth and protect its waterways. Lochs easily rival Wolf People as the muscle of a squad, but also possess great wisdom in life and strategy.

Artwork by Kat Burress, shirt design by Christopher Lee Simmons, concept and design by Eloy Lasanta.

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