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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Logo

Designed by Third Eye Games (View all designs by this artist)

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. (API) is a shadow corporation that has protected humanity from the supernatural forces in the world since the Black Plague. They have their hands in just about every facet of human life and have personally stopped the world from ending more times than one would guess. Humans make up the vast majority of employees and agents to fight against evil supernatural forces, other beings also inhabit our planet.

In this world, Demons live side-by-side with humanity. By definition, demons are either humans that have been altered in some fashion (such as vampires or mutants) or they are beings from other dimensions entirely that have traveled to Earth for a multitude of reasons.

Together, they work to protect the world on a daily basis.

Logo design by Christopher Lee Simmons, concept and development by Eloy Lasanta.

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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Logo


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