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True Happiness

Designed by Dedgurl (View all designs by this artist)

True happiness is doing what you love, and loving what you do. This holds true for laser guns as well.

Dedgurl’s (Kate Sherron) illustrations and product designs can be seen in/around DEEP Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, The Kissybook Project, Working Class Studio, SCAD, Kazuma Gallery, Red Kite Gallery, and Slave Daisy. Dedgurl is currently available for all manner of projects, including private commissions.

Girls should choose the American Apparel Ladies T-shirt. It has a girly cut and is so soft. It’s 100% cotton, and it feels very nice on your skin.
It’s screen printed—the way T-shirts ought to be. Chances are, if you have a favorite T-shirt, it’s screen printed.
We made this T-shirt for Kate and you using TLC.

Buy Now in Baby Blue! (Sizing Chart)

* Unisex 4X may be substituted for an organic t-shirt on some colors.


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