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Our Policies


We collect your data only to aid us in the fulfillment of your orders and to help us license designs from you. We may also use your information for our own internal marketing efforts, including our weekly newsletter. If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, you may change your settings in your control panel. We will not sell or trade your information to third parties. We will NOT spam you.

We also may be forced to divulge your information if law enforcement shows us appropriate paperwork or there is a court order. We also may share Personal Information if we believe it is necessary in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of our Terms of Use, or as otherwise required by law.


Logging in

You do not need to create an account to order licensed or preprinted products. However, if you do not have an account and are not logged in there are certain restrictions: you can not rate designs or make blog entries, and you cannot earn zips, zaps, or bonuses. There are certain features of the website that simply are off-limits to you if you are not a member.


If you need to return an item, please get a return authorization code. That way we can make sure we track your item. Please do not return items washed or worn, and items that are swim wear or undergarments are not returnable.

Forms of Payment

Currently we accept payment from Google Checkout and PayPal.

Payment for Designers and Affiliates


We pay you Affiliate Commissions when your qualified referrals make complete sales within 30 days of your initial referral. We pay you license fees when we sell products with your licensed designs embellishing them. If we are stocking product with your designs on them, you do not get paid for stock we do not sell. Once a month we issue payments for products we are licensing. In the near future we will implement a way for you to withdraw your royalties through your PayPal account, so you won't have to wait for a check. You get paid provided you and your products have met the following criteria:

  • Your contact information is up to date.
  • You have to have a minimum royalty balance of $10.
  • You are not in violation of the Terms of Use.

Unless other arrangements have been made, we will mail a check to the address we have for you on file.

Main Mall Sales

(You may retain you old terms for previously submitted designs. We will allow you to opt in to the new terms on your MyDesigns page in the near future.)
  • Design submission tees: $2 per unit sold. (Thresholds have been eliminated.)
  • Express Tees: $1 per unit sold. (Thresholds have been eliminated.)

Wholesale Catalog Sales

If you choose to include your design in the wholesale catalog, you open a second stream of revenue. Other T-shirt sites and vendors view our wholesale catalog, and order T-shirts in bulk to sell on their sites or in their brick-and-mortar stores. We sell to them in volume, and give them a lower price so they may mark up the merchandise and run a profitable business. The Wholesale Catalog is different in the following ways:

-Royalties for wholesale catalog sales are $1 per unit sold for Design Submission Tees and .50 for Express Tees.
-Your design sells in volume, so it is common to make $50 or more per sale.
-You don't get zips for wholesale sales.

You get a free copy of your design.

When you make your first sale of a licensed design, we send you a complimentary T-shirt. You must have your size preferences and address information set in your user profile.

How Soon Do you Sell Products You License From Me?

In order for your designs to receive the buy button and go on sale they need to meet the following criteria:

  • It has to be approved by us (see Terms of Use). We do reserve the right to refuse to license any design at our discretion. We also reserve the right to stop licensing any design at our discretion.
  • They have to have an average rating of 3.
  • They have to have been rated by enough users. Generally, the more colors a design has in it, the more users we want to see rating it high before we license it.
Designs we will flat out reject:
  • If it violates our Terms of Use.
  • If it contains hate speech or iconography.
  • If it flies in the face of socially responsibility.
  • If it might get us firebombed.
  • If we are sure that regardless of how the votes go, we don't want to license it.

Zips, Zaps, and Ziggies

Only Ziraxians use zips and zaps, and therefore they have no actual monetary value. While you may be able to change real dollars for zips, unfortunately there is no way to change zips into real dollars. They are non-transferable. You may buy 1 Zap for $1 US. There are:

100 Zips in a Zap.

100 zaps in a Ziggy.

You can also earn Zips and Zaps through certain actions on your part, like being an affiliate.

You can spend Zips and Zaps on T-shirts! The option to spend them shows up in your shopping cart.

Affiliate Program

Ziraxia has an affiliate program where users can post affiliate links and banners in their blogs, forum posts, and on their web pages. The following is specifically prohibited:
  • Spamming
  • Spamdexing
  • Using a forced click strategy
  • The use of Adware
  • The use of any method designed to send a user to Ziraxia who is unaware you are sending him/her here, and/or who does not intend to come here.
Essentially, the spirit of the above is we feel that people don't like doing business with companies that lie or spam them. Do not do either of those things in affiliation with us.

If you break the rules, we will at the very least revoke your Zips, Royalties, and Affiliate Commissions. If you suspect an affiliate of breaking the rules, please inform us immediately.

Also see Section 16: Affiliates

Cross Promotions Policy

From time to time we will run cross promotions with other vendors. Please be aware that they have a whole different set of policies that are separate from ours and are not part of us. You agree to make yourself aware when you are on our site and subject to our policies and when you are off our site and/or not doing business with us. You agree to not hold us responsible for the actions of outside vendors.